“The Prom” Production Info



“The Prom” Admin, Creative and Production Teams:

Company Manager Chase Pasekoff
Company Manager Apprentice Avery Hook
Marketing Director Nate Kauffman
Marketing Apprentice Zeph Sanders
Dramaturg Molly Carson
Dramaturg Apprentice Tina Akumbu
Accessibility Co-Coordinator Molly Carson
Accessibility Co-Coordinator TBD
Special Events Organizer Milo Dowling
Special Events Apprentice TBD
Co-Director Abby Mendez
Co-Director Megan Stickles
Assistant Director Danny House
Music Director Marci Shegogue
Assistant MD Ethan Seldin
Choreographer Avery Hook
Assistant Choreographer Nate Kauffman
Co-Stage Manager Jaylen Foote
Co-Stage Manager Brinlyn Cohen-Rider
ASM Hailey Grigor
Costume Co-Designer Taryn Ryan
Costume Co-Designer Harley Craun
Assistant Costume Designer Val Lewin
Assistant Costume Designer Addison Webb
Costume Mentor/Resource Jen Jeon
Props Designer Lingwen Xu
Lighting Designer Gaby Gah
Sound Designer Zach Fischer
Scenic Designer River Blake


“The Prom” Rehearsals:
Sundays, February 18, 2024 through June 16, 2024  1-6pm
Location: BlackRock Center for the Arts, 12901 Town Commons Drive, Germantown, MD 20874. Lots of free parking on-site, close to bus transportation and MARC station, in walkable town center with a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, grocery store, library, etc.
Tech Week: June 17-20, 2024 we will rehearse from 5-10pm Monday through Thursday. Tech week conflicts must be approved before casting.
Performances: Friday, June 21, 2024  7:30pm, Saturday, June 22, 2024  2pm and 7:30pm, Sunday, June 23, 2024  4pm (No conflicts are permitted during performances (except in emergency and health situations)

“The Prom” CAST LIST

Barry Glickman                                                  Chase Pasekoff

DeeDee Allen                                                     Zephyr Sanders

Sheldon Saperstein                                            Milo Dowling

Trent Oliver                                                       Myles Rathke 

Angie Dickinson                                                 Ella Loudermilk

Emma Nolan                                                      Sonia Thanicatt

Alyssa Green                                                      Elena Schwartz

Mr. Hawkins                                                      Cedar Dwyer

Mrs. Green                                                         Molly Carson

Kaylee                                                                Jen Jeon

Shelby                                                                Kylee Solt-Linville

Nick                                                                   Morgan Foote

Kevin                                                                 Val Lewin


DeeDee Allen & Angie Dickinson                        Alyssa Warring

Sheldon Saperstein                                            Evan Wong

Emma Nolan                                                      Annalise Grindstaff

Alyssa Green                                                      Kylee Solt-Linville

Mrs. Green                                                         Cassidy Harper

Kaylee & Shelby                                                 Karma Reeves

Barry, Trent, Mr. Hawkins                                  TBD

Featured Dancers: Karma Reeves, Evan Wong, Alyssa Warring, Jen Jeon, Luna Karnsuwan, Tina Akumbu, Ava Helgeson

Olivia Keating                                                     Evan Wong

Broadway Reporter (Scene 1)                             Zephyr Scalzi

Motel Clerk                                                             Shane Cox
Press Conference Reporters                                Laurel Strong, Sonia Skolnik, Addie Silvestro

Godspell Touring Cast                                         Karma Reeves, Evan Wong, Alyssa Warring, Jen Jeon, Luna Karnsuwan, Annalise Grindstaff, Tina Akumbu, Zephyr Scalzi, Milo Dowling, Beata Mirowicz 

Shane Cox, Bridget Ellis, Morgan Foote, Alyssa Warring, Annalise Grindstaff, Cassidy Harper, Ava Helgeson, Val Lewin, Jen Jeon, Candia Melvin, Beata Mirowicz, Zephyr Scalzi, Luna Karnsuwan, Addie Silvestro, Sonia Skolnik, Kylee Solt-Linville, Tina Akumbu